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Tripe with vegetables and rice

Beef tripe and valuable by-products such as heart, kidney and liver, a mixture of vegetables, the best rice and oil are complete meals that are easily absorbed by the dog's body. The feed contains up to 70% beef tripe and beef offal, which indicates the excellent quality of Roycher™ feed. Thanks to the addition of cold-pressed vegetable oil, your pet receives vital unsaturated fatty acids. The mixture of vegetables contains nutritional components, including vitamins and minerals, as part of a vitamin and mineral complex specially adapted for dogs, guaranteeing your pet a shiny coat and good health.

Recommended feeding rate

With an average activity of a dog, it is at the rate of 525 g (1 can) per 15 kg of animal body weight.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein - 11%; fat - 4.5%; raw ash - 2.3%; crude fiber - 0.24%; humidity - 70%.


Beef tripe and beef offal, mixture of vegetables (carrots, zucchini, onions), raw rice, oil, vitamin and mineral mixture adapted for dogs.

Plaque prevention

Prevent obesity

Healthy skin and shiny coat

American food formula


The actual need for nutrition depends on the weight of the animal and its physiological activity, time of year and place of detention. Therefore, adjust the amount of food depending on the needs of your dog. Transfer the food remaining in the jar to a glass container, close and store in the refrigerator. It is desirable to give the food at room temperature, therefore, some time before the next feeding, take it out of the refrigerator.


Vitamin A - 1200 MO; vitamin D3 - 170 MO; vitamin E - 12 mg; zinc - 10 mg; iodine - 1.0 mg; copper sulfate - 1.4 mg.