The ROYCHER™ is a relatively young and successfully developing brand in the pet food market, but it is quickly gaining the preference and trust of dog and cat owners.

All Roycher™ petfoods are made in Ukraine from domestic ingredients. In the course of development, testing and clinical trials, it turned out that many domestic ingredients are significantly better than foreign analogues. This was confirmed by our American partners - animal feed developers. This is not surprising, because we are an agrarian country. Thus, using domestic components with proper observance of the production technology (extrusion, hydrolysis, etc.), it was possible to produce a product of very high quality and keep the price acceptable for most of the owners. And this is the main distinguishing feature of these feeds.

Benefits of Roycher™ petfoods


Proven ingredients of excellent quality are just one of the elements of high quality pet food. Unlike many pet food companies, Roycher™ uses a unique industrial production system that:

  • preserves the maximum potential of each ingredient;
  • improves nutritional value;
  • provides exceptional taste and uniform texture;
  • maintains a constant composition of the product.